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5 Episodes Of The Ski Podcast To Catch Up With Before The National Snow Show

If you’re among the increasing number of people who have taken up listening to podcasts – and even if you’re not – then you can look forward to ‘The Ski Podcast – Live’ at the National Snow Show in October.

Iain Martin, presenter of The Ski Podcast, will be joined by special guests for a special episode of the podcast at 12pm on Sunday 24 October, recorded live at the National Snow Show.

The Ski Podcast is a ‘magazine’ style podcast featuring all aspects of the world of skiing and snowboarding, from resorts to racing, Ski Sunday to slush.

If you’ve never listened before, here are five recommendations for episodes to start off with:


Episode 69: Stephen Morgan from the National Snow Show

Naturally, we would suggest this, as Managing Director, Stephen Morgan, joined the show to launch the National Snow Show back in March 2021.

Episode 65: Skiing in Wales

Most people know you can ski in Scotland in the UK, but how many people know you can ski in Wales?

A Ski Podcast Special: Pat Sharples

With the Winter Olympics less than six months away, this interview with the GB Snowsports Head Coach will tell you all you need to know about Team GB’s recent successes…

Episode 76: Surfing in Switzerland

There’s no coastline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surf in Switzerland. Find out where you can ski, skateboard and surf in a single day…


A Ski Podcast Special: Skiing in Afghanistan

Looking for a different destination for your next ski holiday? Find out about the annual Afghan Ski Challenge in Bamyan Province…

There are over 100 episodes of The Ski Podcast available for you to catch up with and to get you in to the snowsports mood before the National Snow Show.

See ‘The Ski Podcast Live’ on Sunday 24 October at 12pm in the Crystal Ski Holidays Snow Skills Cabin.