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World first online VR Ski Fit 365 game set to change the face of life-like ski fun

In a world first, Ski Fit 365 brings the mountain to ski enthusiasts, using online VR technology to instantly bring to life a ski holiday from home. This is a VR ski adventure not to miss for both skiing pros and amateurs.

Live and breathe skiing, know your downhill edge from your groomer, but can’t travel to the mountains? Want to get slope-fit ready for your next holiday, get some extra training in or looking for realistic rehab? Then this is the next best downhill skiing experience. With life-like demands on your body, engaging graphics so you feel like you’re really there, breathing the fresh mountain air and hearing the sound of crunching snow under foot. The only bit you’ll have to do yourself is the apres-ski.

This virtual reality game can be played through any VR browser, making it a world first as an accessible online, interactive VR gaming experience which makes the most of immersive technology to bring the slopes to you.

Ski Fit 365, created by Playko Studios, with its unique VR lower-body leg tracking for realistic ski fitness, invites you to enjoy a new slope every day. Simply put the headset on, the controller in your sock and instantly join a global skiing community. VR will fly you by helicopter into the resort and as you enter the lobby, you are surrounded by the luxury, sights and sounds of a top-quality resort. Visit the shop to select your outfit from a range of complimentary styles. Look out for future updates, where you can upgrade your ski holiday experience with in-app purchases, including more outfits, ski equipment, courses and locations. Kitted out with all your equipment, head to the cable-car to ride up to the start of the slope run.

From the ski hut, hurtle down the slopes in a unique realistic leg-controlled steering experience, aiming for your personal best. With aching legs and adrenaline pumping, cross the finish line to see your time. Whether you’re a beginner on the blue run or a pro eating up the black runs, pit yourself on the global leaderboard with others who love the thrill of racing. Another way to bring the competition to you is through the Ski Squad, register with Facebook and create your own leaderboard with your friends and compete for the podium.

Jack Gower, international British Skier says, “This is a game changer for both athletes and amateurs, it’s so life-like. I see huge potential for people returning from injury, preparing for the season as well as those wanting to test their abilities on the slopes. When I go on my summer ski training camps, I can’t wait to build my Ski Squad and see who I beat on Ski Fit 365 – the competition is going to be fierce.”

Yinch, game designer, Playko Studios says, “This is such a ground-breaking game for Playko Studios to be involved in from the start. The challenge has been making a ski game that is easy to access and entertaining, while being realistic and using standard hardware. We hope ski fans will see this is the closest they will get to physically experiencing skiing without hitting the slopes. If you are looking for a ski adventure that brings the sport to you, Ski Fit 365 is the perfect companion for when you can’t get to the mountain. Being able to compete with Ski Squad friends or on the global leader board really brings the competitive edge to the gaming experience.”

Tim Dudgeon, Olympic skier and Ski Fit 365 innovator says, “Skiing, fitness and training have been a life-long passion and bringing realistic prehab and rehab for skiers through technology has been a focus for many years. With my expertise in understanding the need for top quality facilities so skiers can be in the best form when they hit the slopes, I have worked closely with Playko to ensure the VR experience is as close as you can get to the real downhill skiing experience. I am so proud of the game and can’t wait for people to test themselves on the virtual mountains. Whether you are a newbie or experiences skier you will love this fun immersive skiing experience.”

Image caption: In game view from the top of the ski run in Ski Fit 365, created by Playko Studios.

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