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BLACK LINES – Snowboard Documentary (2022)

Black Lines is an upbeat micro documentary exploring how Black Culture and Identity have been involved in Snowboarding since its roots in the U.K. Featuring two familiar faces in the U.K. snowboard space – Park Shaper Neil Campbell and Former Host of the legendary Board Stupid, Phil Young – the doc takes an upbeat look at what snowboarding is all about and what it gives the crazy kids who live and breathe the sport. Whilst also exploring what it’s like for a newcomer to the industry – Snow Camps Ebony Knight – and what this brilliant sport has given her.

Created by The Recut Collective.

Starring: Neil Campbell, Phil Young and Ebony Knight.

Directed by Archie Guinchard

Edited by Lexi Edwards

Shot by Archie Guinchard, Joe Heap, Lexi Edwards.

Additional footage by Tom Elliott and the ATV CREW

Supported by Snow Camp, who make snowboarding more accessible!