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Rivington Alpine

Rivington Alpine are the norths premier boot fitting company. Based in a renovated church near Chorley in Lancashire, we specialise in boot fitting and footbed manufacture for all abilities and fit types. Whether you’re a beginner just starting your ski journey or a seasoned skiing professional we offer a comprehensive fitting service and fit guarantee. We can offer product from almost all brands and look forward to seeing you at the show or at our premises in the future. Safe skiing, Graham.

Free boot assessment

Are your boots holding you back, are they old and worn or maybe just too big for you, we can assess them and make recommendations be it a minor modification or needing to start from scratch.

Book your 15-minute ski boot assessment with one of our specialists by clicking here.  The assessment is completely free of charge, however if you would like to make a donation tom DSUK it is very much appreciated

Boot mods for charity

Once again, we are supporting DSUK by doing boot modifications for a small donation to the charity, there will be limits to what we can do at the show due to time and workshop constraints, but we will always try to make that adjustment, be it a bunion that’s pinching or an arch that’s aching

Bring your boots to us when you get to the show and if what is needed will take time you can then enjoy the rest of the show while we get to work.