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Dickie Fincher

Owner and publisher of Fall-Line magazine for 20 years, Dickie Fincher has a background in active consumer journalism and a foreground in reviewing skis, boots and all other sorts of ski equipment. “Testing ski gear has almost nothing to do with what happens when I’m using it”, he reckons (accurately), “But it is completely related to the picture you build up when picking it apart with a group of experienced testers. What works for me almost certainly won’t work as well for the next person in the lift queue. Our mission is to make sure our readers don’t kiss any frogs.”

A dedicated believer in making the most of your valuable non-work time, Dickie is on a mission to make sure everyone’s ski trip is as entertaining and engaging as possible. Fall Line uses the experience of the most travelled, skilled and dedicated skiers around to align skiers, locations and gear – come and see how we do it!