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Emma Farrington

I’m a ski instructor and race coach with 9 years of experience from around the globe, I am hugely passionate about snow sports and its connected industries as well as its development in the future as we try to become more sustainable. My friend from university and I run a blog called girls can climb mountains, a big part of this is my gccmontour hashtag that I use to document my ski career journey and adventures around the UK and worldwide. Since I was a teenager I have been enthusiastically sharing the word and experiences of the snow sports community with those from outside it, especially to those who come from inner city areas or lower-income families who sometimes take a view they will never be able to afford to ski or snowboard. I believe it’s important to share our industry and mountain experiences with as many people as possible.

I am doing a master’s degree in Sustainable Development and have had it reinforced to me how important it is for the future of the industry to practise sustainable business practices. Something I am always keen to share with my colleagues and clients is the beauty of the mountains as well as how much it is important we care for their ecosystems. I like to teach all ages as each age group presents a challenge and experience to learn from. I will always be found with a huge smile on my face whenever I hear someone mention skiing to me, it has given me some amazing life experiences and helped me overcome many fears. Snow sports brings together people with a love for everything snow related and I believe we should be doing more to keep people in the industry.