19–20 Oct 2024 142 days to go! #SnowWeek Tickets

Ethan Owen

Hi I am Ethan and I am a 13 year old snowboarder…

I love snowboarding and have been riding for nearly 7 years.

I spend most weeks driving up and down the country riding at different dry slopes and snow centres in the UK.. but I have spent the last 6 weeks in Austria getting coached by Why Aint You and I had a week in Slovakia with 2 of my sponsors DOUK Snowboards and Outhouse Clothing.

I think I would be a great young Ambassador because I have been to the last few National Snow Shows whether that was at the NEC last year or whether it was in London with the Telegraph and I am regular at many different UK slopes to help spread the word. I also could do some small flips and tricks on the little dry slope you put up at the show if you wanted.

I am part of the Snowsport England family as well and go to all the days they put in around the UK as well as some of the European trips.