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Jade Gerrard

Snowsport England are the National Governing body for snowsport in England. Their vision; inspiring participation in snowsport at every level. Participation Manager at Snowsport England, Jade sits on the senior leadership team and oversees the “sport” element of the NGB, everything from the first time you put on a pair of boots through to stepping up to GB Snowsport team.

As Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead at Snowsport England, she is passionate about engaging more people in the sport, opening it up to new audiences. Responsible for the development of their Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan, she will be joining the panel to share how this piece of work will come to life though the Inspiring Snowsport strategy.

Jade has a passion for sport, with over ten years’ experience working across national governing bodies, focusing on participation, and developing opportunities for more people to be active, supporting volunteers, guiding clubs and working with local and national partners.