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Lauren MacCallum

Lauren MacCallum is a dynamic and passionate advocate for climate action, earning recognition as a prominent UK figure in the battle against climate change. In their role as General Manager of Protect Our Winters UK, Lauren takes a leading position in mobilising the outdoor sports community to combat climate change.

Boasting a diverse career encompassing both literature and broadcasting, Lauren is a respected author and broadcaster, lending their expertise to the BBC and contributing to award-winning environmental and social films. Laurens unique ability to convey intricate environmental topics in an accessible and captivating manner has solidified their status as a sought-after voice in climate communication.

Beyond their commitments to Protect Our Winters UK and media contributions, Lauren is unwavering in their dedication to preserving the UK’s natural landscapes. Serving on the board of the Cairngorm National Park, the largest in the UK, Lauren tirelessly works to safeguard and promote this invaluable region while amplifying the voices of working people in the pursuit of sustainable solutions.

Lauren MacCallum embodies the spirit of action and advocacy in the fight for a greener world.