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Maddy Hopson

My name is Maddy and I am 25. I have mild Cerebral Palsy which affects the right side of my body. But despite this, I have been lucky enough to have been put on a pair of skis at the age of 5. Having struggled without much progress for many years I discovered Four Track Skiing and with the fantastic support of DSUK Tamworth has enabled me to ski with more stability, giving me more confidence to ski in the mountains which I love. Sadly finding adaptive lessons in St Anton, Austria where we ski is difficult and doesn’t appear to be priority – but I’m working on it! I am also a keen Platform Diver and the only coach in the UK with CP. Since the pandemic affected pools so much I haven’t been able to get back into that role. My aim is to work with the International Paralympic Committee and to encourage and enable more people who have disabilities to become involved and participate in snowsports.