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Neil ‘Nine Lives’ Campbell

When Neil Campbell was growing up he never thought he’d become a professional snowboarder. Growing up in Luton, he found himself getting into trouble in his younger years and was subsequently sent to prison at just 19 years old. On getting out, Neil vowed to turn his life around and he did just that, thanks to snowboarding.

Known to all as ‘Nine Lives’, Neil needed to fast track his riding to keep up with professional snowboarders and would copy whatever anyone else would do, having skipped the fundamentals along the way. He gained a reputation as the snowboarder with the most unorthodox style and trick list and – most importantly – his uncanny ability to always land on his feet, avoiding crashes that would end a normal person’s season, hence the nickname.

To keep the dream alive Neil would build and shape his local snow park in Milton Keynes and go on to work out in Austria and Switzerland. Last year along with Adidas Terrex ‘How did snowboarding change my life” was released a short documentary of Neil’s Journey.