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Ryan Drayton

Ryan is a lifelong gravity sports obsessive with a background in big mountain downhill racing. After an unfortunate biking accident in 2020 and the following 18 months of suffering, he became an transtibial amputee meaning he lost his left leg from the shin down. Ryan’s determination and lack of compromise saw him make a staggeringly rapid recovery and now just a year after surgery sees him make a transition to smowsports. Snowboarding had always appealed to Ryan, now with prospects of being a future para athlete it has developed into an infatuation. Snowboarding has given him an insight into the thrills and experience of snowsport, the therapeutic calm of being on the slope, the rush and excitement of bombing the piste and everything in between! Ryan has become an advocate for para snow sports and wants to share experiences by promoting accessibility through inspiration and encouragement. See you on the slopes!