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Sam Cox

Sam was raised in South Devon and throughout his school years developed a taste for the outdoors living close to both the beach and Dartmoor.

This sense of adventure continued after he left school and joined the Royal Marines in 2010. He has tested himself throughout the globe’s harshest environments from the humidity of the jungles in Brunei, the heat of Central Asia, to the depths of the iciest temperatures in Norway.

Sam spent 13 years as an officer in the Royal Marines, serving combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as long periods working in the jungle, the desert and the Arctic Circle.

In November 2023, Sam Cox will embark on a unique 2000km solo and unsupported journey across Antarctica. No one has ever skied this distance without support before.

Starting at the coast of Berkner Island and finishing at the base of the Reedy glacier on the Ross ice shelf, via the South Pole, this expedition is anticipated to exceed 2000 kilometres. As one of the last wildernesses, this will be a pure test of physical and mental endurance.

Sam has been supported by Team Forces and Resilient Nutrition to embark on this epic adventure.

For more information, follow Sam on www.frozendagger.co.uk