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Selena Morris

Selena Morris is the Founder and CEO of alt*ego – a new brand launching for the 2023/24 winter season with an inaugural collection specialising in striking ski accessories to display on the best snowy runways.

alt*ego was born out of a desire to express a different personality. As an avid skier and sports enthusiast, Selena describes the moments that she feels most dynamic are mainly out of the office and away from her desk.

“On the mountain, at the gym, on a court, on the sea, in a lake or on a track; these are my happy places where I can be my favourite version of myself. Often wearing clothes or accessories that boost my mood or elevate my performance in some way. So, I decided to create a brand to produce these bold accessories and inspire others to do the same. Find your happy place, engage your alter ego and unleash your brilliance.”