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Tobi Adegboye

I’m Tobi, I work in psychology but spend most of my free time in yoga or travelling.

I love trying everything in my life once and have surprised myself by ticking a few active sports underneath my belt. From paragliding, surfing, kayaking, kickboxing, mountain biking, hiking- it was only a matter time before skiing took my interest. I had close friends who went regularly so we finally decided to organise a trip for just us and I absolutely loved it. To be honest I was a bit annoyed I didn’t start earlier

I love skiing because it’s not just about the activity, it’s all about everything that surrounds it too. It’s a big sense of community and fun which makes it inclusive for all. It’s such a great way to make new friends. Plus you are part of a group that are lucky to visit some of the most amazing views the world has to offer (which can only be reached by skis). It really does take your breath away.